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The Attorneys at The Rinka Law Firm, PC are trial attorneys who limit their practice to the areas of Employment Litigation and Personal Injury. The Rinka Law Firm, PC has recovered millions of dollars on their client’s behalf without it costing anything out of the client’s pockets. The Rinka Law Firm, PC, represents their clients on a contingency fee basis, so The Rinka Law Firm, PC is compensated only if we win on your behalf.

The Rinka Law Firm, PC represents employees as one of the Top Los Angeles Wrongful Termination Law Firms to deal with Wrongful Termination based on disability, pregnancy, race, and gender. Additionally, The Rinka Law Firm, PC has recovered compensation on behalf of their clients in whistleblower actions. Furthermore, our Wrongful Termination Law Firm has recovered money in wage and hour lawsuits involving unpaid overtime, working off-the-clock, and employee misclassification. So get yourself on board with the professionals of one of the Top Employment Law Firms Los Angeles to recover your wages.

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Law Firm in Los Angeles
Law Firm in Los Angeles
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The Rinka Law Firm, PC also represents individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents, motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, and catastrophic injuries as one of the most professional and competitive Personal Injury Law Firms in Los Angeles. We will make sure that you receive the treatment you need in order to make a full recovery without you having to pay for this medical treatment out of pocket. Being one of the best Law firms in Los Angeles California, we do not just focus on closings, we fight for enough compensation that our client deserves. Therefore we are the top choice law firm in Los Angeles for our clients.
Being one of the most Professional Law Firms in USA California, we believe in taking the time necessary to discuss your legal matter with you in order to obtain a full understanding of the legal issues presented. It is through our thorough client discussions that we can start to make the complex more understandable and provide you with sound legal advice on how to proceed with your matter.
Once we have learned the intricacies of your legal matter, our communication with you does not cease. Instead, we work closely with our clients throughout the litigation process to keep them informed and apprised of any changes that impact their legal matters. We also make every effort to be available to our clients, by providing personalized service, such as promptly returning telephone calls and emails. Through our vigilant efforts to keep our clients informed, our clients are able to make a sound, confident decision on whether they wish to settle a matter or take it to trial.
We invite you to contact our office at 877-778-8678 to see how we can assist you in your legal matter.

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Practice Area Personal Injury The Personal Injury Lawyer in California at The Rinka Law Firm has represented individuals who have.

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